Healthcare Assistance Kenya (HAK) is a humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization that operates the only and the first ever Sexual and Gender Based Violence Rapid Response System and Helpline 1195 that today supports survivors GBV from grassroots  to break the silence and quickly access GBV services through helpline 1195 after violation.   The uniqueness of HAKs GBV Rapid Response System has attracted many other like-minded stakeholders including private sector who have joined HAK in the prevention of violence in homes and during elections.  The main aim of this project is to help survivors access quick GBV services on referral through confidential SMS system for timely prevention and treatment of infections such HIV.

What is the J-Card and what does it do?

The J-card is simply a ‘stitch in time’ and that’s why survivors are encouraged to break the silence by calling us and should do what they are told to do by HAK immediately after violation. It is important to seek treatment and prevention of infections such as HIV and sexually transmitted infections.  The J-Card protects and enhances GBV survivors’ health security. Since the launch of the J-Card in February 2010, the response is positive. The J-Card has continues to save lives of women and children who experience violence.  And besides, the J-Card has also broken the silence on GBV since late GBV cases, some having been inexistence for four years, have come out. Women and children who had earlier been physically attacked, raped, defiled or survived cruel acts like Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) have come out to seek health assistance.

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