About Us

Healthcare Assistance Kenya (HAK) is a humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization that operates the only and the first ever Sexual and Gender Based Violence Rapid Response System and Helpline 1195 that today supports survivors GBV from grassroots  to break the silence and quickly access GBV services through helpline 1195 after violation.

The uniqueness of HAKs GBV Rapid Response System has attracted many other like-minded stakeholders including private sector who have joined HAK in the prevention of violence in homes and during elections.  The main aim of this project is to help survivors access quick GBV services on referral through confidential SMS system for timely prevention and treatment of infections such HIV.

HAKs GBV Rapid Response System has been recognized nationally and internationally by the United Nations System in Kenya and by USAID in Washington DC for creating this innovative idea that is today impacting people’s lives nationally and from grassroots through the latest technology. HAKs GBV system brings communities together to campaign against all forms of violence and begin to support survivors through the toll free helpline 1195.

Physically assaulted mother and her 1 year old baby girl soaked in blood and heavily bandaged was rescued by HAK. The baby was cut with a panga on the head by her father following domestic violence.

HAK’s Vision is to be the leading national GBV Rapid Response System through Toll Free Helpline [1195] offering excellent round the clock psycho-social support to women, girls and children survivors of Sexual and Gender Based violence in Kenya.   Men and boys too are supported through the system.

HAK’s Mission is to enable survivors’ quick access to GBV services for prevention of infections such as HIV/AIDS, sensitize and create GBV awareness to the public.

HAK’s Values and Guiding Principles are as follows:

  • Inspiring and restoring the dignity of GBV survivors;
  • Embracing confidentiality of our clients;
  • Working in collaboration and partnership with other GBV actors and stakeholders;
  • Serving professionally with integrity to attain high standard services in response to GBV.

HAK’s Goal is to enhance women and girls survivors’ quick access to GBV services through helpline 1195 for prevention of infections.

HAK’s Aim:

HAK’s broad aim is to contribute to prevention of violence before and after the 2017 election by empowering communities to promote peace and report any unfortunate incident through its toll free GBV hotline 1195.

HAK’s Objectives:

  1. To enhance women and girl’s protection against all forms of violence
  2. To enhance reporting of GBV cases
  3. To enhance women and girls access to GBV services.

A word from the Organizational Director and Founder of HAK






A good vision is that which accommodates everybody and satisfies persons with needs especially those who face tough challenges like rape, defilement and FGM, Fanis says.    Fanis Lisiagali does it all with all her heart for the women, girls, men and boys survivors of GBV including those who girls who suffer Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya.   Many lives have been saved through her commitment and efforts in creating a rapid response system for survivors of Sexual and Gender Based Violence.  I know neither know race nor tribe when it comes to rescuing survivors.  My aim always is to save a life!  My heart breaks as tears roll from my eyes whenever I come in contact with GBV  survivors especially women, children and the elderly including men suffering sexual and Gender Based Violence.

Women  are Special Human Beings!

Women form the basis of our nation.  When one woman is protected against all forms of violence, the entire nation is protected, one girl is protected, future development is guaranteed and when one child is protected, a nation is guaranteed.   A woman is a peace maker, a strong pillar of her home and the nation.  She has the potential to contribute to the development of the country, and, therefore, the need to ensure that a woman’s health and security is established is inevitable for the growth of Kenya.   In order for Vision 2030 to be realized, and for peace to prevail in homes, a woman’s contribution must be counted.

HAK involves communities in the fight against violence on women and children by way of creating networks and coordination that is geared towards advocacy, prevention of violence and, provision of rapid response solutions to survivors of GBV through is Rapid Response System and the GBV Helpline 1`195.   HAK’s effort to eliminate violence on women and children is coordinated by recognizing the representation from Rapid Response Service providers – ambulance, healthcare, security, legal and psychosocial.   HAK has adopted an integrated approach to GBV by ensuring that the key aspects for women, girls and children are considered, especially on prevention  and  response to Gender Based Violence and the linkage to HIV; girl child’s access to education and community empowerment.  HAK recognizes the strength of the beneficiary and seeks to explore opportunities of integrating efforts of community development, especially, with the contribution of youth and men alliances.   It is evident that women continue to suffer violence in silence due to lack of knowledge, while men have been blamed for the committing the crime. At HAK GBV Helpline 1195, we strongly believe that, male partners can make a difference in the lives of these vulnerable groups by taking the lead in campaigning against violence, with emphasis put on defilement of little children, a vice that has continued to bring shame to our country Kenya.    We also believe that, if women were to be empowered to break the silence on violence and both men and women embarked on making peace; violence could be eliminated.  Breaking the silence through HAK’s national GBV Helpline 1195 is a sure way of ending violence that is meted on women and girls.

Break the Silence – Call 1195. #Jitokeze1195

Healthcare Assistance Kenya’s GBV program is aimed at complementing the government’s effort to protect women and girls against domestic violence and their rights of women and children.  It is for this reason Healthcare Assistance Kenya (HAK) is making every effort to empower communities in Kenya to protect women and children against Gender Based Violence through its GBV campaigns/awareness creation and behavior change training programs.

Fanis Lisiagali says a BIG THANK YOU to the United Nations Systems in Kenya for recognizing her efforts.  

The UN Award was introduced in 2002 as the collective UN family of agencies honour to an individual and/or an institution for succeeding to bring to public notice significant issues related to the Millennium Development Goals which are sustainable and serve as an inspiration to all Kenyans, in keeping with the ideals of the UN.  The achievements should have the potential to serve as a model.

The selection of the winner of the “UN Award of the Year” is made after an extensive round of consultations and voting, and through a formal endorsement by Heads of UN Agencies.  The award in presented to the winner during a well-publicized event to be held during the UN Day celebrations of 24th October.

On this special Day, Mrs. Fanis Lisiagali – Executive Director, Healthcare Assistance Kenya (HAK) popularly known as HAK GBV Helpline 1195, was commended by the United Nations Systems in Kenya for her commitment and efforts in creating a GBV Rapid response system for survivors of Sexual and Gender Based Violence.  This was a great day full of joy for Fanis.

The UN-Habitat Executive Director Joan Clos, presents a Certificate to the 2014 UN Systems in Kenya Person of the year – Mrs. Fanis Lisiagali – Healthcare Assistance Kenya’s Executive Director for creating a Rapid Response System for GBV survivors. The System includes the first ever National Gender Violence Toll Free Helpline 1195 and a 24 hour Rapid Response Call Centre.