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For how long are we going watch as girl child is killed by mutilators?

This time round, WE ARE DISCRIBING MUTILATORS – Yani (Wakeketaji wa Wasichana). Read the story below.

“A 13 Year old girl in the county of Kajiado lost her life after excessive bleeding due to Female Genital Mutilation. The girl’s parents tried to bury her secretly but were stopped by the local chief. When police reached the home they found the body but the parents had fled.

This very recent FGM case brings to mind another 12-year-old Maasai girl, Sasiano Nchoe, who died in very similar circumstances after undergoing FGM in 2008. Sasiano was buried but her body was exhumed.”

On 23rd March 2014, Healthcare Assistance Kenya (HAK) was in Kajiado County – Oloitoktok, publicizing the GBV (Rape, Defilement, FGM, Physical Assault) helpline 1195 in vernacular – Maasai language. Kwani hawa watu hawakusikia! Can someone recommend language mutilators can understand before we lose all our girls to FGM. This cruel violence must stop! Break the silence and Call 1195.

Mama Red GBV J-Card.

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