Protection Against Gender Based Violence (GBV)

Say NO! to Gender Based Violence (GBV)

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Women are Special Human Beings!

Women form the basis of our nation. When one woman is protected against all forms of violence, the entire nation is protected, one girl is protected, future development is guaranteed and when one child is protected, a nation is guaranteed. A woman is a peace maker, a strong pillar of her home and the nation. She has the potential to contribute to the development of the country, and, therefore, the need to ensure that a woman’s health and security is established is inevitable for the growth of Kenya. In order for Vision 2030 to be realized, and for peace to prevail in homes, a woman’s contribution must be counted.

HAK involves communities in the fight against violence on women and children by way of creating networks and coordination that is geared towards advocacy, prevention of violence and, provision of rapid response solutions to survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV) through is Rapid Response System and the Gender Based Violence (GBV) Helpline 1`195. HAK’s effort to eliminate violence on women and children is coordinated by recognizing the representation from Rapid Response Service providers – ambulance, healthcare, security, legal and psychosocial. HAK has adopted an integrated approach to Gender Based Violence (GBV) by ensuring that the key aspects for women, girls and children are considered, especially on prevention and response to Gender Based Violence and the linkage to HIV; girl child’s access to education and community empowerment.

HAK recognizes the strength of the beneficiary and seeks to explore opportunities of integrating efforts of community development, especially, with the contribution of youth and men alliances. It is evident that women continue to suffer violence in silence due to lack of knowledge, while men have been blamed for the committing the crime. At HAK Gender Based Violence (GBV) Helpline 1195, we strongly believe that, male partners can make a difference in the lives of these vulnerable groups by taking the lead in campaigning against violence, with emphasis put on defilement of little children, a vice that has continued to bring shame to our country Kenya. We also believe that, if women were to be empowered to break the silence on violence and both men and women embarked on making peace; violence could be eliminated. Breaking the silence through HAK’s national Gender Based Violence (GBV) Helpline 1195 is a sure way of ending violence that is meted on women and girls.

Healthcare Assistance Kenya’s Gender Based Violence (GBV) program is aimed at complementing the government’s effort to protect women and girls against domestic violence and their rights of women and children. It is for this reason Healthcare Assistance Kenya (HAK) is making every effort to empower communities in Kenya to protect women and children against Gender Based Violence through its Gender Based Violence (GBV) campaigns/awareness creation and behavior change training programs.

Break the Silence Against Gender Based Violence (GBV) – Call the helpline 1195